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Articles to help Catholics celebrate the meaning of the season.

Five Things To Do During Lent

Do you love Lent? I do, but a lot of folk don't have all that much affection for the season. Many Christians have come to think of it in negative terms; however, Lent is not about hair shirts, solemn countenances and the like. Rather, it is a positive, strengthening, lovely spiritual experience, and if you want to grow in your love of God and your neighbor, then Lent is for you! Here are five things to do with single-mindedness this Lent which, if you do them, will give you a clearer vision of the Risen Christ, come Easter.

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tumblr maqv4sSKae1qf4u8lo1 500Once upon a time in a lowly and humble town, emerged a young boy, the only child of his parents. His Jewish father was a very well-known man since his occupation revolved around the market place. Now, in Jewish culture of that time [1st Century] it was required of fathers to teach their sons their own profession or trade [in addition to their sons’ formal education], between the ages of five to ten [5-10] years. Definitely, this Jewish man adhered to this practice and taught his son his occupation but as the young boy becomes a man, he has his own ambitions and prospects. This grown up man went to the synagogue on the Jewish day to worship God as it was his weekly practice and being a frequent worshipper, he was invited to read from the scriptures by the president of the synagogue who had the authority to choose those who would read from the Torah. In a loud and clear voice, he reads from an ancient prophecy that announces liberation to all those in bondage; a liberation that is far greater than the Exodus from Egypt and the return from Babylon. When he finished reading, he sat down to instruct them; oh yes! He would instruct them because they had heard how wonderfully he had preached in the neighbouring towns while he worshipped in their synagogues, and since he was in his hometown synagogue, he was accorded the honour to teach. When he was done, there was a deathly silence in the synagogue and all eyes were fixed on him… The mood of the crowd shifts dramatically, they were amazed to a depth that they questioned “is he not the carpenter’s son?” [Luke 4:22; Matt 13:55]. His father Joseph was a carpenter but also he, Jesus, was a carpenter by Tradition.

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Take lots of BEER during Lent

BeerThe Parish Priest of St.Patrick's Church in Bangalore in India gave a simple advise on what to do during 40 days of lent. He said we should take lots of BEER. Now do not let your minds go wondering.

This means:
B-Bible - Read your Bible.This is God's given time to be spiritually enriched with the word of God
E-Empathy-Feel empathy for the poor and neglected and do something about it
E-Eucharist-Go for mass frequently besides Sunday's.If possible everyday
R-Reconciliation-This is the best time to reconcile with those we have hurt,not talking,seek forgiveness.
Restore our relationship with God and one another.

Have a wonderful n joyful Lent and do not forget your BEER.
God bless