Saint Stephen's Statue.




12, Gbeto Street, Off Iwaya Road, Onike-Iwaya, Yaba-Lagos.

Saint Stephen's Building.


The following Societies below exist in St. Stephen's Parish :

Association of Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary
General Meeting - every 3rd Sunday after  the 9:00am Mass.
Adoration - every Thursday by 4:00pm.
Bible Sharing - every Monday by 5:00pm.
Confraternity of Christian Mothers




St. Anthony of Padua
Guild Prayer - every Tuesdays by 5:00pm at the Church's basement.
General Meeting - every 2nd Sunday after the 7:00am Mass.
St. Jude Prayer Group
meet every 1st and 2nd week of the month.



Board of Lectors
Workshop - every last Saturday of the month at the Church basement.
St. Jude Catholic Society




Society of St. Vincent De Paul

Catholic Youth Organization of Nigeria




Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria
every Sunday by 3pm to 6pm.
St. Monica Society
meet every last Sunday after the 9:00am Mass.



Legion of Mary
meet every Sunday after the 7:00am Mass.
Junior Legionaries



Catholic Women Organization
holds its meeting 4th Sunday of the month immediately after 9:00am Mass.
Catholic Men Organization
holds its general meeting 3rd Sundays immediately after the 9 a.m Mass.



Block Rosary

St. Rita's Society (Widow's Group)
holds her meeting every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month by 5p.m at the church basement. 



St. JohnMary Vianney's Choir (7am Mass choir)
St. JohnMary Vianney's Choir (7am Mass Choir) rehearsal days are on Tuesdays by 6:00pm and Saturdays by 5:30pm at the McDermott Hall.
Archangel's Choir (9a.m Mass Choir)




Knights of the Altar
holds their meeting every last Sundays of the month at the basement of the Church.
Our Lady of Fatima (Blue Army)




Man of Order & Discipline (MOD)
Interested Youth and adults that wish to join the movement should visit the MOD stand after the 9:00am Mass at the basement of the Church.
Board of Church Wardens
meet third Sundays of the month after the 9:00am Mass at the basement of the Church.



Catechist Association
meet with the Chief Catechist every Sunday by 4:00pm for more information.